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Kent Turansky - Realtor (U.S. Army Veteran)

Kent Turansky – Realtor (U.S. Army Veteran)🇺🇸

Kent is an U.S. Army Airborne Veteran that built a successful post-military career by bringing his military training, wisdom, and skills into the real estate world. Here are some traits that make Kent a powerful agent to have on your side.

The U.S. Army lists “integrity” as an essential leadership characteristic.  Kent understands that the integrity he displays through his actions inspires trust among others. Integrity enables Kent to make good decisions, even if those decisions are unpopular or difficult. With Kent’s military background he has easily transferred the value of integrity to his real estate career. Maintaining trust and building a reputation requires integrity at every juncture, during every transaction and with every client. Over time, that trust and reputation has translated into sales and referrals from satisfied clients.

Decisiveness can be an agents best weapon during intense negotiations or a tough market. Questions like: Should you counsel a seller to accept an offer? or Will a price reduction help or hinder a stale listing? Kent was trained in the military to quickly evaluate options like these and rolled that skill into his real estate strategies to help make decisive decisions on what the course of action should be.

Taking the initiative and approaching problems without hesitation is a skill that veteran real estate agents have. Kent understands that “More is lost by indecision than the wrong decision.” and he isn’t afraid to take initiative and work through challenges as they come along.

There’s always a new skill, a new technology or a new strategy to learn. That thirst for knowledge can serve a veteran real estate agent well. Real estate is a competitive field, and Kent is committed to continually learn and improve. Kent is also a Certified eXp Trainer who passes his knowledge and expertise on to new and upcoming agents.

Core military values have stuck with Kent. Those principles can provide numerous advantages in any field and in the real estate industry in particular. The real estate industry is extremely fortunate to have Kent Turansky leading by example.

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