The Turansky Team Believes in Giving Back

Investing in our community is a high priority for the Turansky Team.
Nonprofit organizations do so much to help the communities but they
can’t do it alone.  Here are a few organizations the Turansky Team supports.

Victor Valley Rescue Mission
They help the homeless men with opportunities for spiritual and physical recovery from addictions, job training, and job placement.  They have  programs that are designed to guide, and encourage homeless men to formulate a daily plan of action, and to take the necessary steps to re-enter the work force and become productive citizens again.

Moses House Ministry
Moses House provides help and offers hope to families with young children living in the High Desert.  They change lives.  Offering helping hands and caring hearts to families in crisis, and ensuring children grow up in nurturing homes.

Oak Hills JROTC
The JROTC program promotes and encourage citizenship and strengthen self esteem in young men and women.  Some of the things the program focuses on are developing leadership potential, improve physical fitness, promoting high school completion and providing initiative to live drug free.

Refer a Buyer or Seller
One of the few Realtors that share their commission with people like you. Receive up to $1000 for any home the Turansky Team closes escrow on.

  • $100 for any home sold for $250K or less.
  • $500 for any home sold for $250K to $500K.
  • $1000 for any home sold for $500K to 899K.
  • Any home sold for $900K or more….Let’s talk (760) 333-3367